• Uno

    M&H Ingenieros, is your prime choice for general engineering contractor and a successful developer. For our team, no job is too difficult, no task is too challenge.
    If we promise, we deliver!.

  • dos

    M&H have developed massive architecture projects, and as important part of our strategic plan, we have a mission to deliver, affordable multi-family housing developments, for better quality of life, to our community.

  • tres

    M&H delivers what we promise, we have the assets, skills, technicians and we self-perform the key aspects of the project with in-house experienced professionals, equipment and auditing. One company gets full Integration.

  • cuatro

    M&H civil Infrastructure projects like roads, water and wastewater, buildings, civil, corrections and courthouse facilities. No project is too big or small to return the best value for our customers. We’re your partner for every project.

  • Cinco

    M&H respects schedule, budget, tech’s specs, and quality to deliver only the best results.

  • Seis
    M&H perform all our projects with an Integral and quality management system, and we're certify by the following standards:
    • ISO 9001:2008
    • ISO 14001:2004
    • NTC-OHDAD-18001:2007
    And other related international norms for safety, health and environmental quality.
    We execute all projects with the state-of-the-art software for planning, control, CAD design in 2 and 3D, rendering with cutting edge digital view of the project with photorealistic solutions as a valuable decision-making tool.
  • siete

    M&H from corrections and courthouse facilities to any kind of civil work and Engineering Consultant, our customers know they can count on us, no excuses!.

  • ocho
    We have the expertise dealing with any procurement process from turnkey projects or design-built to Construction Manager at Risk. M&H has a proven experience with complex jobs, tight schedule, budget respect and better yield. Our designers and architecture department, outperform the competition with contemporary design. A better design generate less timing, resources, endeavor so to speak better results.

  • nueve

    Let us take care of your projects, let us deal with all issues. We stand for our work, with our code of conduct and ethics. You can count on us!.